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We worshipped with an average of 389 people on Sunday mornings! Broke our highest attendance record on Easter Sunday with 641 people!

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We had an average of 81 people serving each Sunday and over 217 different volunteers throughout the entire year!

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Gospel Focused

We had over 75 new people walk through our doors this year. 4 baptisms. 176 people signed up for our daily devotions.

Digital Outreach

We had 2,719 video views and over 1,500 social media followers.

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Cornerstone Kids

We averaged 113 kids every Sunday morning! We were able to serve 192 kids on Easter Sunday! And we have become more strategic in teaching your children scripture and how it applies in their life.

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We had 25 new givers this year! We gave over $30,000 back to our community! We were able to help broken families, those in need, and those in financial trouble through your giving!

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Thank you!

This is all made possible by you! By the 198 different people who gave to our church. The 217 different people who served and all those who helped in ways we may never know. So from the CCC staff and pastors, we thank you!

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