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We are excited about meeting together again June 7 at 10am at the Taylor County Middle School gym. Help us keep everyone safe by reading and following these guidelines...

  • We need people to come in and sit in the auditorium. Please no hugging and handshaking.  Waves and smiles are encouraged. 


  • There will be no Cornerstone Kids. We are still waiting for details from the state to help us decide how to do Children’s Ministry. 


  • Since there will be no CK and kids will be in the service, it will be a little shorter than normal, about an hour.


  • We will place stanchions between lobby entrance doors and the auditorium entrance doors for 6 foot distancing on entry and exit to the auditorium. There will be no “hang out” area in the lobby. Fellowship after the service outside is preferred.


  • Cornerstone is responsible for disinfecting everywhere people sit. We would like to have no sitting in the lobby. The number of seats we gain is not worth the extra cleaning effort. Wheelchair seating area will be in the back of each side of the auditorium.


  • Expect to come in and sit in the auditorium. Please do not go in and back out of the auditorium or lobby unless you absolutely have to. 


  • There will be no refreshments provided by the church. We are trying to limit entering and leaving the auditorium as much as possible. 


  • People from the same household can sit together. We have removed every other row to space to allow social distancing between families or groups. 


  • We are trying to limit bathroom use. If you do need to use the facilities please follow social distancing instructions the best you can.


  • We will have no Connections to hand out the first week back. Announcements will be  projected on the overhead screen.


  • Online giving options are still available. Continue to use buckets in the church where people can drop offerings.


  • Dismal instructions: Left half of the congregation goes out the closest aisle and double door.  Right half of the congregation goes out the closest aisle and double door. 


  • Follow stanchions out through the lobby. Please do not stop and talk in the lobby. Fellowship once we are outside is much safer. 


  • If bathrooms are open, some greeters will monitor the bathrooms to ensure hands are washed and social distancing is followed. 


To start, we believe that God is still in control of all things --even in times of trouble, uncertainty, confusion, and fear. Our elders and staff continue to meet (via Zoom) and remain in prayer seeking guidance during this time. We also continue to monitor government and local advisories pertaining to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are praying for each of you and our staff continues to work on ways to stay connected and meet needs in our church and in our community. If you need anything from us please email us


We want to update you on where we are as a church during this time...


The CDC continues recommendations to avoid gatherings and a "stay-at-home" order is now in effect. Taylor County has received it's first confirmed COVID19 case. It is very difficult to follow the news. We do not recommend that you get your information from social media or headlines. Spend time on more important things. To get the facts we recommend checking the CDC website:


In light of current information available to us, we are doing church online until further notice. We are excited about our opportunity to partner with the Orchard church in Lake City for online services. Our pastors are participating in sermon preparation and service each week. Online services begin at 10:45 am on Sundays. Please make plans to gather your family for a time of worship, prayer, and biblical teaching. You can watch at: or interact on our Facebook watchparty each week.


Cornerstone Kids is providing online resources and activities for families to use at home during the week. They also have videos for kids to watch while you attend church online on Sunday. This information will be emailed to you each week. If you are not receiving our email please contact us with your preferred email address --CLICK HERE. You can also visit 


Our Wednesday night AWANA ministry, in partnership with Calvary Baptist Church, is postponed until further notice.


We want to continue to stay connected during this social distancing season. Please stay in touch with your GROUP leader or serving team lead. Please be in prayer about who God might be leading you to connect with during this time. You can contact us at or fill out a contact form at .


If you are in need, or know someone who is, please let us know.  We are actively encouraging our GROUPS to serve the needs when possible. Our staff continues to work to coordinate care as needed. 


Please stay connected with us and others as we take this opportunity to show Christ to others by how we love one another. 


The staff continues to work full-time to plan online gatherings, meet needs, facilitate and mobilize GROUPS to meet and serve needs. The staff will also serve as a hub for information on needs in our church and community. The staff will continue to communicate regularly via phone, text, email, social media and more. The staff will be doing a majority of work at home and office hours will be suspended until further notice.

Please continue to remember the importance of tithing and giving to the local church. It is a spiritual mandate in scripture but it is also a practical need for ongoing kingdom work. You can continue to give online at:


If you are unfamiliar with online giving watch one of Elder Team members give online for the first time. CLICK HERE.



We encourage you to continue to follow guidelines for your safety and the safety of others. Remain in your home unless you have an essential need --especially if you have a compromised immune system or exhibit symptoms (particularly fever). Follow common hygiene practices --remember the HIGH FIVE: HANDS (wash often); ELBOW (cough into it); FACE (don't touch); FEET (stay 3-6 feet apart); FEEL (sick? stay home). Additional guidelines here:


Use this time wisely. God promises us a spirit of love and power and self-discipline (sound mind) --not fear. Spend time with your family. Play games together. Read together. Have family movie nights (or days). Study the bible and pray together. Phone friends. Check-in on your neighbors. These are troubling times but we are still called have bold confidence in God, to be still and quiet before God, to serve and love others, and to spread the good news of Jesus wherever we are.  

We will continue to provide @Home resources to help you through this time. 


The Elders and Staff

at Cornerstone Church, Perry

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