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How Do I Follow Jesus?

A follower of Jesus is called to be a disciple. A disciple, in Jesus' day, was like an apprentice. The goal of an apprentice is to be with, learn from and become like the teacher. The same is true for us to follow Jesus.

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About Following Jesus

what does it mean to


Followers of Christ will ...




To learn more about each of these, check out our series on what it really means to FOLLOW Jesus..

the first step is


Baptism is an important step toward following Jesus. Baptism is our first act of obedience. Even Jesus was baptized before beginning his ministry here on earth.  Have you been baptized? CLICK HERE to Read more about baptism, watch some baptism stories and videos, and request more information on baptism.

you become what you 


Followers of Jesus intentionally exchange natural influences with spiritual influences. You become what you read, watch, listen to and practice. 

  • READ THE BIBLE. Jesus often quoted scripture, prayed and went away to be alone. CHALLENGE #1: find a quiet place, be still, and simply read, pray, and listen for God? CLICK HERE to get started .  

  • WATCH THE BIBLE. CHALLENGE #2: Exchange some portion of your current screen time for a faith-based video. 

    • CLICK HERE for a  FREE subscription to our Netfilx-like library of videos or  CLICK HERE to go to our customized channels (subscription required).​

    • CLICK HERE to watch our Sunday sermon series

    •  CLICK HERE to watch more CCC videos

  • LISTEN TO THE BIBLE.  CHALLENGE #3: CLICK HERE  to download the BIBLE APP on your phone --on the go reading, reading plans, and it will even read to you. 

join a 


Spiritual growth happens best in a community of people who are together and caring for each other. It's more than friends. A GROUP is a place to walk out your faith in real life with real people. CLICK HERE to let us know if you're interested in joining, hosting or leading a GROUP. 

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