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A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Serving is something that is life changing. We could tell story after story about how getting involved at Cornerstone through serving has changed lives. It is a form of worship. It’s something we are called to. It is a replication of what Christ did on earth.

Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

It is who we should be…..a servant. One of the greatest results of serving is that it affects both the servant, and those being served.


Let’s say that there is a visitor who is coming to church who has had a terrible week. Everything that could have gone wrong seems to have gone wrong. They were drug to church this morning by their spouse, kids, cousin, friends, etc. and as they walk up they see someone standing at the lobby door with a smile on their face ready to serve anyone that comes their way. For a moment that visitor forgets about their week and smiles back and something happens. They become excited about being at church. The more they walk through the lobby the more smiling faces they see and the more positive interactions they have. They have decided in those few moments that they can’t wait to hear what God has for them that morning.


Now let’s also say that a volunteer shows up early on a Sunday morning. They are prepared and timely and are excited about the morning. They talk and hang out with others who will be serving along side them and they are ready. (The kind of ready, when it’s late August and it’s been a good 6 months since college football season and the anticipation of that opening weekend has you so jacked up you’re ready to strap on some pads yourself and tackle your 2 year old for fun…..well maybe that’s just me, but you get my point.) It’s now time to get to your positions and ready as visitors begin to arrive. You smile, hand out connections, talk, laugh, and have a great time. All the while, God has stirred in your heart an excitement and great expectation for the service. That morning you worship God with all your heart and soak up everything being taught from Scripture. You go home feeling like you’ve fulfilled the purpose in your life….to serve people.


We realize that it doesn’t always work out this way. Some people come in angry, stressed, tired and seem to leave the same. Sometimes serving seems to have no purpose. But I will also remind you that we are called to plant a seed and often times, if not most times, we do not see the impact it has. (1 Corinthians 3:6-9) So I would argue that you may have a bigger impact on people than you believe.

This also doesn’t just apply to greeters, it spans from parking lot to setup and teardown, from Cornerstone Kids to the tech team. We are one team, one body, on one mission, with one purpose: To make our community a better place to live by leading people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus. You play a part in that! You may have been the first step towards Jesus in someone's life. It is a big deal! It is a major part of our walk with Christ. We should be the most generous, kind, servant minded people on the planet. And we shouldn’t do it half-heartedly, we should serve with everything in us. We should be timely, respectful, excited, dedicated, honest, hard-working, and the list goes on. Ultimately, we should be Christ to His people because lives our on the line.

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