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Irma Relief - How Can I Help?

Irma Relief

Everyone wants to do something but it's difficult to know what to do. We have compiled a list of ways we know of to help. We will keep this article updated as we learn of new ways to help make it better for people impacted by Irma.

1. Walmart. Walmart is sending supplies to areas effected most by Irma. You can purchase items at your local Walmart and they will package and put them on a truck to be delivered. We have already donated cases of water and other items. For more information contact:

2. Amazon. Order from Amazon and have needed supplies delivered directly to people in need in the keys. Contact Christi Wallat for more info at (850)371-1779.

3. Help Locally. We are continually looking for people who lost food, wages or property during the storm here in Perry. If you are interested in contributing to help families meet specific needs locally please email us at

4. Hands On. There will be a small team traveling to Naples with Samaritian's Purse. This group will leave on the evening of September 28 and return on October 1. If you are interested in serving in this way please contact Ben Tuten at (850)843-1171. Limited spots available.

**We have several people in our church who have direct ties with churches and family in the keys. We are also attempting to coordinate a trip to the keys. We do not have details at this time and the trip is dependent and the response we receive. If you are interested please email us at

5. Pray. We are still being asked for prayers for people who are displaced, those who are injured or lost love ones, property loss and more. We are also praying for linemen working to restore power and others working to supply other basic needs to those effected most severely. Thank you for joining us in prayer.

What else?

We would love to hear from you.

  1. Additional ways to help --so we can share with others wanting to help

  2. People or groups locally in need of help --so we can connect them to resources

  3. Stories about how people are being helped locally --so we can inspire and encourage others

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