Thanksandgiving (W1D2) As They Went

Week 1. Tuesday: As They Went

PRAY: Ask God to speak to you from His Word.

READ: Luke 17:14

11 When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.

UNDERSTAND: get a deeper understanding of the key words

  1. Begin by underlining nouns with a single line, double underline verbs, and circle descriptive words.

  2. Make a list of the key words/phrases and think about what they mean.

Think About It: “As they went.” There is so much to be gained by understanding God’s way and then trying to do it. Being obedient to God does not guarantee health or wealth or any sort of good fortune. It does, however, promise that we will know God better through it and through knowing God we have freedom (John 15:14; 14:15; 2 John 1:6; James 1:25). God’s word does not always make sense to us --turn the other cheek, forgive enemies, give generously, love unconditionally. But, it is in following these things that life makes the most sense. Whatever it is that you are dealing with you will not find solutions or relief or help doing what you’re currently doing. There is no healing without obedience.

APPLY: What is this passage calling me to do?

In what areas of our life do we struggle to obey because we don’t know the outcome?

What specific areas of obedience are you ignoring because it seems too difficult or doesn’t make sense?

PRAY: Ask God to identify some areas where you need to be more obedient. Ask God to help you take steps to live out more of his commands in everyday life.

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