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Light of the World (W2D2) Daniel

NOTE: The Light of the World devotions will be different than our previous devotions. In order to use these video devotions you will need a Right Now Media account. If you attend Cornerstone a RNM account is free. If you do not have an account CLICK HERE to receive your FREE INVITE.


Tuesday. Week 2.

The book of Daniel is connected to the Christmas story through the Magi. Daniel was placed, by God, in a direct role if influence to the wise men. At the time Daniel was a slave in a foreign land, in a culture completely opposed to his way of thinking. However, Daniel continued to live a Godly life both in the way he spoke and the way he acted. That truth impacted people --as it still does for us today. Don’t for a minute think that you can’t make a difference for God right where you are. God has a bigger plan than your current circumstances. Jesus, the light, will always have power over your circumstances.

600 yrs before Jesus was born he set the stage for a Hebrew prophet to rise to power in a hostile land so that one day when a baby was born a thousand miles away some of the wisest most respected men in the world would seek him out to worship him. God continues to pass down His message in this way. Through you. A message that creates true future seekers and worshipers.

For today's devotion we will watch a short overview video and answer a few questions about the book of Daniel. CLICK HERE to begin.

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