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We believe that following Jesus makes life better --for you, your family, our community. It doesn't make things perfect but life makes more sense when you follow Jesus. 

Whether you've been in church your whole life or never stepped foot in one, we hope you are comfortable here.

On this page you can learn more about our story --who we are and what we’re all about.

We believe God wants something FOR you, not soemthing FROM you. And we want the same. Please CONTACT US if we can help! 

Our Story


Cornerstone began in 2005 as a small group of families that wanted to create a different kind of church in Perry, FL.


Over the last several years, the church has grown to an average of over 350 people in attendance on Sunday morning with 100+ of those being children.


From the very beginning we have, and still want to, make our community a better place to live --and we so we set out to that by leading people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Sunday Service

Our Sunday service is where it all begins!

Sunday is a comfortable, enjoyable, friendly environment that allows anyone to come and connect with others in our community.

Whether you come for the first time or have been coming for years we believe you will enjoy yourself, feel welcome and be challenged by biblical, practical teaching.

Service starts at 10:00am at the Taylor County Middle School Auditorium or you can LIVESTREAM us online.

Dress is casual and we always have donuts and coffee for you. 

CLICK HERE for more information on our Sunday gathering. 


Cornerstone Kids is our Sunday morning environment for kids ranging from infants to 12 years old. We know how important it is for your child to be in an environment where they feel safe, have fun, and learn. We strive each and every week to create that place for your children so that they can't wait to come back next week and do it all over again. We have many trained teachers with LOTS of experience that lead your children. We love hearing all the stories about how much our children love Cornerstone Kids!



We often say that baptism is simply an outward expression of an inward change.

We believe baptism is a public declaration of what Jesus has done in your life after you have decided to put your faith in Him.


If you are interested in baptism we would love to talk to you and get you on the journey to make this next step.


CLICK HERE to learn more. 


Scripture is clear that we are not supposed to do life alone. We believe that groups are the best way to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

A group is a great place to get together with people who are serious about growing in their faith and talk about the bible and life.

If you have never been to one of our groups we would really encourage you to check one out...it may change your life.


Click here to get more information on joining, hosting, or leading a group.


Next Steps

Next Steps is a class where we go in-depth about the heart of Cornerstone --why we started, why we exist, and how you can get involved.


It is a great opportunity to meet the staff of our church and to also ask any questions that you might have.

Currently, we are not offering Next Steps classes.

If you have questions or want to connect CLICK HERE to let us know


Church @ HOme


Church is not just for Sundays. 

Check out all of our available resources to help you follow Jesus Monday-Saturday.


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