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SCRIPTURE: Genesis 4:17–26; Genesis 5:1–32

BIG IDEA: What is your definition of prosperity?

TAKEAWAY: Biblical prosperity means being with Jesus, being like Jesus, and sharing Jesus with others.

  • What stood out to you about the message?


  • How does our culture today define prosperity? For you, what makes life a success?  

  • After Cain is punished we see that he builds a city, a family, and a legacy? How might this have been his way of covering up an emptiness in his soul? Discuss some ways we do the same at times?

  • Read Genesis 4:20-22. How should we, as Christians, balance following Jesus with striving for and enjoying the comforts around us ?


  • Read Genesis 4:23-24. Discuss how Lamech's song fits into the progression of sin we see in Genesis: Eve talked into sin. Adam sins willingly. Cain can't be talked out of sin. Lamech brags about his sin. Is this something we see today?

  • After all this, Adam and Eve continue to further their family. In Genesis 5 we see a genealogy of ten men, from Adam to Noah considered giants of the faith --men who refused to
    follow the prevailing cultural trends of their day? Even when it seemed hopeless, they served God. What are some ways building a Godly family can offset our current culture?

DIG DEEPER: Have a family discussion this week. First, how does my life, personally, reflect Christ to the culture around us? Second, how does our family reflect Christ? Finally, how can I, individually, and we, as a family, be more like Jesus?


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