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James (W11D3) An Example of Patience

Week 11. Wednesday: An Example of Patience

PRAY: Ask God to speak to you from His Word.

READ: James 5:10

10 Brothers and sisters, as an example of patience in the face of suffering, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord.

UNDERSTAND: get a deeper understanding of the key words

  1. Begin by underlining nouns with a single line, double underline verbs, and circle descriptive words.

  2. Make a list of the keys words/phrases and think about what they mean.

Snapshot: In this passage James teaching that suffering will happen in the lives of believers. It is not “if” but “when” suffering will occur. The New Testament is filled with verses about Christian suffering because the first century believers faced intense persecution. From these passages we learn that God intentionally uses suffering to build our faith and character for His glory. Even the heroes of the faith (like the prophets) in the Bible had to endure great suffering. Therefore, we should expect that God will use suffering in our lives as well.

APPLY: What is this passage calling me to do?

Read Romans 5:1-4. What is God’s goal in our suffering?

Read Romans 8:17-18. What does this verse say about our future?

Read Hebrews 11:32-38. How does that kind of suffering compare to yours?

PRAY: Ask God to help you trust in His purpose for your circumstances.

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