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Afraid to Admit I'm Afraid

It's a lot easier to admit I'm stressed than to admit I am scared. But stress is really a fear of things unknown. So, whether or not I like to admit it, I'm scared of some things ... even if I'm scared to admit it.

Jesus asks the best questions. In Matthew 6 as part of his powerful sermon on the mount Jesus asks, "Can any of you add an hour to your life by worrying?"

Um. No.

But the reality is, I still do.

This week I have been asking myself, and attempting to answer honestly, this question...

What do I worry about?

Here are a few things I came up with...

- not being the husband my wife needs me to be

- not being the dad my kids need me to be

- something tragic happening to my wife or kids

- failing to disciple (lead spiritually) the people God has put in my path

- not being able to perform my job like everyone expects

- providing for my family financially

- forgetting or not being ready for something important

Can worrying about any of these add anything to my life.

Um. No.

So then, the next logical question is how do I stop?

- spend more time learning who God really is (like the Mary/Marth story - do what is most important)

- be more organized (God says to make the most of the time we have)

Perspective - pray more

What about you? If you're honest, what do you worry about?

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